Top 5 Preschools in Carrollton, TX

Get the ball rolling for kindergarten by selecting the right preschool for your child! Great preschool education is the foundation for success when it comes to future academic endeavors, from Pre-K to college. The right preschool should encourage socio-emotional, mental, and physical growth, so your toddlers are ahead of the game when they need to start school.

Here’s the list of the best preschools in Carrollton, TX to consider for your child’s next step in their education.

Start their love for school now.

1. Cadence Academy Preschool, Branch Hollow

With rave reviews from parents and constant smiles from the little ones, you can bet that Cadence Academy Preschool is the perfect match! As a top-ranked preschool in Carrollton, Cadence is dedicated to ensuring every child is having fun while learning. Fun, age-appropriate activities in subjects like math, literacy, baby signs, and technology are incorporated into their award-winning Ascend Curriculum.

Nutritional meals and nurturing caregivers will have even the shyest kids coming out of their shell. In addition to their academic curriculum, kids are also exposed to the Kind Child program. By teaching daily manners and important character traits like responsibility, thankfulness, and sharing, Cadence is dedicated to ensuring every child has a well-rounded education.

To schedule a tour or contact an administrator, call (972)-559-3875.

Parent Review:

I absolutely love this school. The love and care that go into taking care of my children is just amazing. I could never have imagined that being a mother, I would be so comfortable with others taking care of my children. But when my little girls walk into school, they run to their teachers, and you can tell they truly love being there. I just love this place.” -Parent Review, Cadence Academy

2. LMNOP Children’s Academy

LMNOP was built so that children can achieve their absolute best! Created by experienced educators and dedicated parents, LMNOP is a place where kids can learn, play, and grow. Their curriculum includes several different programs and amenities for dance, music, fitness, and technology. Their state-of-the-art facility and awesome staff make them an excellent preschool choice. Contact LMNOP today for more information.

Parent Review:

My daughter started in June 2017 and I am so happy we chose LMNOP!!! She is currently in Preschool B and loves her teachers and friends. It is a wonderful feeling when she wakes up in the morning and is super excited for school! It is much more of a school than a daycare!” -Parent Review, Facebook

3. A Child’s Garden Montessori School

If you’re looking for a preschool that inspires independent thought and creativity, A Child’s Garden Montessori School is just that! Their pre-primary program groups together kids from ages three to six in an environment where they can learn academics like math, geometry, science, and geography. This progressive learning experience filled with fun gives your child the opportunity to make friends and learn.

Parent Review:

My daughter LOVES ACG and so do I – wonderful childcare with the Montessori philosophy & trained teachers. At 3, she’s reading, writing, doing basic math and it’s all her choice – they have the great materials and she wants to learn. Amazing. You can also find extra enrichment via specialized classes such as dance, Spanish and Art. They garden, have a great playground and it’s a loving environment. Highly recommend.” -Parent Review, Facebook

4. Oak Crest Private School

Oak Crest Private School always delivers with its curriculum and kind teachers. This self-paced program stresses the comprehension of different concepts so all toddlers will be ready for school. Between play-time and engaging activities, kids are taught basic reading, writing, and math so that they have a great foundation for the future. Check out Oak Crest today for a program designed with your child in mind.

Parent Review:

Couldn’t be happier with my son’s progress. He has only been going to Oak Crest a few months, but so many people have commented on how much he has matured in the last few months and how much happier he seems. Many times when I pick him up in the afternoon he asks to stay until he finishes the paper he’s working on!! The staff is incredible and truly focused on each child.” -Parent Review, Great Schools

5. The Happy Tree Child Development Center

We finish this list of great preschools in Carrollton with The Happy Tree Child Development Center! With 30 years of caring for young children, Happy Tree takes pride in developing kids to be their best. Its recently updated, well-equipped facility and preschool curriculum make it one of the best preschools in Carrollton, TX. Teachers are present for every step in expanding a child’s curiosity, ability, and creativity.

Parent Review:

We absolutely love Happy Tree! We moved our son here after some cleanliness issues at another daycare. I couldn’t be happier! This school was the perfect balance of learning and playtime. Our child knew his whole alphabet before the age of 2! Danielle, the director, is amazing and truly cares about the children.” -Parent Review, Yelp

Lightbulb moments begin with the best preschools in Carrollton, TX!

So what are you waiting for? Since preschools serve as the building blocks for any education, it’s never too late, or too early, to consider your best options in Carrollton, TX. Enroll your child for a bright future at any of these accredited preschools.