Top 5 Preschools in Burr Ridge, IL

Fun fact: Healthy children come into the world with 100 billion brain cells, capable of producing more than 20,000 connections! Unfortunately, when brain cells fail to connect, they die and can never be replaced. By the age of 5, more than 90% of brain connections have already formed. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that you choose the right preschool for your child. Early childhood development will set the foundation for your child’s education for years to come. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best preschools in Burr Ridge, IL.

Start the school year right with the best preschools in Burr Ridge, IL

1. Cadence Academy Preschool, Burr Ridge

Sparks ignite every day at Cadence Academy Preschool, Burr Ridge. Cadence Academy Preschool is at the top of our list for its challenging curriculum and nurturing teachers. Cadence’s goal is to create passionate, lifelong learners. Cadence Academy’s has a professional, effective preschool program that is designed to promote cognitive, social, and emotional growth in children.

Engaging activities like storytelling, gardening, and puppet play inspire fun while learning. Cadence’s curriculum teaches eager pupils literacy, conversation, Spanish, and technology. With their individualized educational program and one-on-one attention, Cadence is the perfect fit for any child.

To tour the facility or contact an administrator, please call 630-701-6604.

Parent Review:

My son has been here for over a year now and I’m very happy with the school! The school has great leadership and it’s honestly a great environment for the kids! My son can be a handful at times and the staff at the school understand and give him the best care. He looks forward to being there. He has learned so much since he started here and I am very happy with his progress! The events that the school hosts are so nice and give the parents the opportunity to network with the teachers and other parents. I highly recommend this school!” -Parent Review, Facebook

2. Creme de la Creme Warrenville

Calling all storybook characters! Preparing future leaders since 1982, Creme de la Creme is a one-of-a-kind daycare with facilities you won’t find anywhere else. With an indoor waterpark and French-inspired main street, this campus feels more like Disneyland than a preschool. For your child’s safety, biometric fingerprint scanners and security cameras ensure the facility is always closely monitored. Creme’s awesome staff and STEAM curriculum make every penny spent worth it!

Parent Review:

Our son has been at Creme in Warrenville since September 2017. We know how much he loves being at Creme because every morning he runs to his classroom. He is excited to see his friends, and he loves all of his teachers. The facility is immaculate. The teachers are personable and caring, and the administration is very attentive to the needs of our family. We are thrilled with the way our son is growing both socially and academically. We could not be more happy with our choice for our son’s childcare!” -Parent Review, Yelp

3. The Goddard School of Darien

The Goddard School of Darien is committed to providing a dynamic and nurturing preschool environment.  In addition to their unique “Chess at Three” program, The Goddard School of Darien offers kids stimulating coursework to improve their minds. Qualified faculty teach kids the life skills and learning fundamentals they need to succeed in life. The Goddard School’s rave reviews and safe, sanitary campus makes it one of the top preschools in Burr Ridge, IL.

Parent Review:

The team at Goddard is 100% focused on ensuring you, and most importantly, your child’s experience is a good one. We feel incredibly lucky to have our child at Goddard; she is happy, well cared for and demonstrates new things she has learned on a daily basis. I would also like to add that the staff keeps parents well informed about what is happening throughout the day and in the community that may affect you and/or your child. Thank you Goddard Team!” -Parent Review, Yelp

4. Tutor Time of Downer’s Grove

Busy minds and bodies love Tutor Time at Downer’s Grove! This preschool’s custom learning program fosters independence, communication, and hands-on learning. With their various centers for art, dramatic play, math, and music, your child will grow into a well-rounded individual. Check out Tutor Time today for a top-notch daycare experience.

Parent Review:

This establishment was the best decision I ever made for my daughter. I went and looked at a lot of different daycares/preschools. From the moment I walked into this one, I knew we found the perfect fit. The director Ms.Courtney is amazing and loved her from the start. The teachers are equally as amazing and super patient with all the children. My daughter loved going there for 2 years and was sad to leave.” -Parent Review, Yelp

5. Pathway Montessori

At Pathway Montessori, toddlers from ages three to six are taught through independent learning techniques. The preschool teaches Children language, math, cultural subjects, and art. In addition, Pathway Montessori stresses the importance of everyday skills like washing dishes and polishing shoes. Pathway is truly dedicated to your child’s future success, instilling a fundamental love for learning and a boundless curiosity for life.

Parent Review:

I have more than one kid attend Pathway, and we love it. It is home for our kids. I can tell you that my kids transitioned easily to the public school. My youngest is in 1st grade right now. She is one of the top readers in her class.” -Parent Review, Yelp

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