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Lorrie Craft, School Director
Lorrie Craft, School Director

Hello my name is Lorrie Craft. I have been married to my wonderful husband Mike for 26 years. We have two sons Brad and Austin. I love them so much; we are a very close family. We enjoy movies, riding go-karts, and family game night. I have been at this location since the doors opened in 2004. I have worked with children for over 25 years. I was a Pre-K teacher at our center then in 2008 I was promoted to be the director. It warms my heart to sing and play with our children. I really enjoy watching all of our children meet their milestones. I feel very blessed to be here at Cadence Academy. I want the very best for all of our children. I am always here for you and your family. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children’s lives.

Denise Pugh, Assistant Director
Denise Pugh, Assistant Director

Hello my name is Denise. I have been working in child care since 1998 and I have been here since the doors opened in 2004. I have a daughter named Megan who attended this school from when she was eight weeks until she graduated and absolutely loved it. I worked in the nursery and in our one year old room and I am now the assistant director. I love being with children and teaching them new things, singing songs with them and watching them grow. There is something about a child when they smile it brings a smile to your face. Seeing the children learn to walk or say something new learning to walk or when they can say there ABC’s or tying their shoes you feel you have accomplished so much and you know that you had a part in them learning. I am so thankful to be a part of the children’s lives and they are such a big part of mine.

Jennie Kreutzer
Jennie Kreutzer

Hi my name is Mrs. Jennie Kreutzer. I have been married 10 Years to my wonderful husband Darryl. I have two step sons Lee and Jacob. We have a beautiful granddaughter LaDonna. I have been around children all my life. I have been in childcare for 18 years. In 1984 I started working in a three year old classroom and had 12 children in my class. They sure kept me busy! I worked with that age for about 4 years. Then I started working in the office and also helping our in the infant room and loved it. After working at that center for several years they ended up closing the center so I changed my career. I started working at Sears as an office Supervisor and stayed there for 10 years. I really missed working with children, so I decided I wanted to come back to childcare. I started working here in 2008 working in the infant room and absolutely love that age. I love each and every one of them like my own.

Megan Smith
Megan Smith

Hi my name is Megan Smith and I have been working here since 2011. I graduated from Mercy Academy and I am currently studying psychology at the University of Louisville. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I hope to apply to medical school to study psychiatry. I enjoy working with and teaching children many new things and I am excited to watch your children grow each of their own unique personalities develops. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s lives and to help your child shine and grow into a special individual!


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Recognized as a Cadence Education School of Excellence

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