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We could not be happier with our decision to choose Cadence-Ken Caryl for our two children. With over three years at Cadence, we have had time in almost every classroom. The teachers are wonderful! So caring and great with our kids! They also have done a great job teaching them and preparing our oldest for kindergarten while having fun! The Executive Director and Assistant Director are also both fantastic. I would recommend Cadence to all my friends. I am so grateful for the wonderful care they provide!


My daughter and son have been at Cadence for the past 6 and 3 years, respectively. When I moved to Ken Caryl and saw Cadence, my first thought was, “There is no way that will be a good school, it’s way too convenient!” But, I was dead wrong. What impresses me the most is the quality of the teachers. Some of them have been there for close to 10 years! I used to direct an early childhood program and know that this is a rare thing! Retaining teachers in the child care field is very challenging, but somehow Cadence Academy at Ken Caryl has managed to do just that. It is such a privilege to leave for work knowing that my children will be safe and well-cared for, while receiving high-quality early childhood education so that they are ready for Kindergarten and beyond! Thank you Cadence!

Anne-Marie Braga


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Recognized as a Cadence Education 
School of Excellence

Recognized as a Cadence Education School of Excellence

Ken Caryl, Littleton, CO