Top 5 Preschools in Mauldin, SC

During the early childhood years, millions of new connections form each second! These connections build habits children will use throughout their lives, such as self-discipline, problem-solving skills, social skills, and communication skills. Preschool education thus creates an encouraging environment for children to develop a love for learning and forge friendships during the most influential moments of their lives.

We know it isn’t always easy finding the right preschool for your child. So we created a list of the best preschools in Mauldin, SC so you can be assured of your child’s safety and happiness!

Foster Your Child’s Love of Learning with These Top Preschools in Mauldin, SC!

1. Cadence Academy Preschool, Mauldin

At Cadence Academy Preschool in Mauldin, the smiles never stop. Children learn through exploration and play using their acclaimed Ascend Curriculum. Three and four-year-olds have the opportunity to further develop their physical, mental, and emotional capabilities with a range of educational activities and classes. Nurturing teachers lead individualized lesson plans in literacy, science, math, fitness, and more using activities like puppet play and gardening.

For additional information, contact (864) 288-8884 or schedule a visit.

Parent review:

“The staff and teachers are phenomenal! As a former preschool teacher, I’m very picky when it comes to childcare! I’ve never encountered any teacher that wasn’t nurturing. The teacher turnover is much lower compared to many other schools. They take DSS guidelines seriously and are always engaged in the playground, I could go on and on about our Cadence Family. You won’t be disappointed.” -Parent review via Facebook

2. Cadence Academy Preschool, Greenville

Spark lightbulb moments by enrolling your child at Cadence Academy Preschool in Greenville! Like the other location, Cadence Academy Greenville prepares children for success with engaging activities and a safe environment. They customize each learning concept so that each child can learn at their own pace. Moreover, this school serves nutritious lunches and snacks every day. Cadence Academy Preschool is genuinely dedicated to building kind, intelligent individuals.

For more information, call (864) 627-0062 or schedule a visit.

Parent review:

“The decision on which daycare to place your children in is never an easy one. But we do feel like we found the best for our son at Cadence Greenville. Their staff is full of warm and caring women who we’re more than comfortable leaving our son with every morning. He comes home happy… We get updates through the app throughout the day, and he gets plenty of time for outside play and arts and crafts. The director and her leadership staff are personable and go out of their way to make you feel welcome and to know your children. We always feel in the loop about what’s going on both on a student level and organization level. We would highly recommend Cadence Academy Preschool Greenville.” -Parent review via Facebook

3. KidZone Kids Childcare Center

KidZone Kids Childcare Center offers a welcoming and encouraging place for your child to grow. Their curriculum encourages both learning and creativity, in addition to self-confidence and kindness towards others. KidZone’s enrichment programs include arts and crafts, music, and fitness. Additionally, you can be confident your child is in good hands because all staff is trained in CPR and first aid.

Parent review:

“I LOVE this place. Not only do I feel that my child is safe during their care, but any issues that arise with schoolwork are handled immediately and with love and compassion to these kids.” -Parent review via Facebook

4. SolVerus Academy

As a faith-based preschool option for your little one, SolVerus Academy provides each child with an age-appropriate curriculum designed to let them play, learn, and explore the world. Along with their up-to-date lesson plans, they also offer state-of-the-art classroom and playground facilities. With all of the loving attention they receive, this is one of the best preschools in Mauldin, SC.

Parent review:

“We love SolVerus! My son has been going for over a year now and he loves going to school! The teachers and staff are wonderful! They all make him feel so loved! Which in turn makes me one happy momma! I also like the structure and curriculum they have set in place even for the toddlers. My son is learning so much! He comes home almost every day saying or doing something new.” -Parent review via Facebook

5. Spike’s After School

We wrap up the list with Spike’s After School, this preschool program is packed with both fun and educational activities. Toddlers have the opportunity to learn lessons in literacy, math, science, and art with their dynamic after school games and activities. Additionally, with frequent field trips like restaurant visits, water parks, and movies, the fun never stops at Spike’s. With rave reviews from both parents and children, Spike’s is a preschool you need to check out.

Parent review:

“[The teachers] are very well organized and trained. I do not worry about my child being bullied, hurt or ignored when he is with them. My son has lots of health issues and since they’re all well trained, we have not had issues. The owners and staff treat every child as their own. I thank them all for taking such good care of my child and the peace of mind I am afforded knowing he is with them.” -Parent review via Facebook

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