Top 5 Preschools in Louisville, KY

Early childhood education is critical to your kid’s development. Preschool is thus a great opportunity for each child to forge friendships, learn fundamentals, and grow in knowledge. We know it’s not always easy to choose the right preschool to take care of your child. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best preschools in Louisville, KY.

Spark Your Child’s Imagination with These Preschools in Louisville, KY

Cadence Academy Preschool, Louisville I

Cadence Academy Louisville I is a frontrunner on our list due to their nurturing staff and rave reviews. They aim to nurture both the mind and body with their nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks. In addition, the challenging activities they offer instill valuable character traits, such as thankfulness, empathy, and positive self-image. Moreover, Cadence works hard to prepare your little one for success in Kindergarten. Cadence Academy truly provides quality childcare in the Louisville area!

For more information, schedule a visit today or call (502) 208-2302.

Parent review:

“In addition to Cadence’s famous Ascend curriculum, they also implement the Kind Child curriculum, designed to teach children social skills and manners. Cadence is committed to growing your child’s knowledge and skills in literacy, fitness, and technology.” -Parent review via Facebook

Cadence Academy Preschool, Louisville II

Like the other location, Cadence Academy Louisville II provides the same acclaimed Kind Child curriculum. This preschool offers constant video surveillance and qualified caretakers to ensure your child’s safety. They also have both indoor and outdoor covered play areas and tricycle paths for physical and social development. Cadence teaches bright minds to think creatively and compassionately, inside and outside the classroom.

For more information, schedule a visit today or call (502) 365-4690 for more information.

Parent review:

“Fantastic school! Highly recommended for your little ones leading up to kindergarten. They do an amazing job of instilling manors and rules into the kids all while having fun and learning. [The school] helped my daughter become an individual that the world needs more of!” -Parent review via Facebook

Primrose School of East Louisville

The Primrose School believes that fun activities and nurturing guidance will allow each child to reach their potential. They base their activities and curriculum from the research of Montessori, Piaget, Gesell, and Vygotsky, which creates a balanced education for tiny toddlers. Make sure to check out one of the best preschools in Louisville, KY for your child’s early education!

Parent review:

We have been so impressed with everything the school has to offer… The owners, leadership, and teachers all work hard to make sure, we the parents, are happy and satisfied with our kids’ development and growth. Primrose gives me the peace of mind each day, knowing my child is safe and sound. My only regret is not finding Primrose earlier in my children’s life.” -Parent review via Facebook

Building Kidz of Louisville

Building Kidz of Louisville creates hands-on learning experiences using their Emergent Curriculum. The school offers classes in performing arts, exercise, and education. In this way, teachers stimulate each child intellectually, physically, and socially. Close-knit teacher and child relationships and individualized classroom settings make this one of our favorite preschools in Louisville, KY.

Parent review:

“Building Kidz is wonderful! All the staff is very caring and engaged. When we drop off and pick up the teachers are always active with the children, not just standing around watching. The director and owner are very professional and you can tell they really want the best for the children that attend Building Kidz. They also provide very nutritious meals which we love. Both of my kids have food allergies and they have handled it very well. They also use the Brightwheel app and the staff is great with providing pictures and updates throughout the day. We cannot give enough praise for this great daycare/preschool. We highly recommend Building Kidz!! So glad they are now open!” -Parent review via Facebook

Kayfield Academy

Kayfield Academy sets the bar for great preschools in Kentucky. This preschool has a NAEYC certification. Moreover, Kayfield nurtures young minds through play and instruction. In addition to cool features like iPads and Smartboards in classrooms, they also have 24/7 surveillance and keypad doors for safety. This high-tech, state of the art facility is a preschool you can trust to take care of your toddler.

Parent review:

Could not ask for a better group of caregivers and teachers for our kids. The longevity of the staff speaks for itself in an industry that isn’t known for long term employees. It’s a wonderful feeling being able to leave your kids in someone’s care and knowing that they are loved and taken care of every day. I am very thankful to have found Jennifer, Michelle, and the others at Kayfield.” -Parent review via Facebook

Pave the Road to Success!

Enroll your child in any of these qualified preschools in Louisville, KY for a quality, early childhood education. With all of the great amenities and locations to choose from, there’s a perfect preschool for everyone in Louisville!