Top 5 Preschools in Johnston, IA

Preschool is more than just a daycare; it’s a place to get children excited about learning before they reach elementary school. The right preschool will give your child a good foundation, preparing him or her for the academic journey ahead. However, it’s not always easy choosing the right preschool. You no doubt want it to be safe, educational, fun, and in an ideal location. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve prepared a list of the top preschools in Johnston, IA. Keep reading to find the perfect school for your little one!

Start Your Child’s Academic Journey With One of These Top Preschools in Johnston, IA

Cadence Academy Preschool

The Cadence Academy Preschool is at the top of the list for its caring teachers and well-rounded curriculum. Dedicated to creating a custom experience for each child, the rave reviews for Cadence are a tribute to their success.

This NAEYC accredited preschool ensures children will reach important developmental milestones in 9 subjects every month. In addition to Cadence’s famous Ascend curriculum, they also implement the Kind Child program, designed to teach children social skills and manners. Cadence has a commitment to helping your child grow in subjects such as literacy, fitness, and technology.

To contact an administrator or schedule a visit, please call (515)-989-6845.

Parent review:

“My children absolutely love Cadence Academy and we do too! Every single staff member goes above and beyond what is expected of them. The education that they have received over the past few years has been more than what I anticipated. Not to mention, I NEVER worry if my children are safe and I know that they are being treated well and taken care of. It really is an amazing center and I’m so happy that we found them!” -Parent review via Facebook

Westlakes Kindercare

Bright minds ignite at Westlakes Kindercare. Preschoolers build their self-esteem at this daycare location, so they’ll be ready to tackle the world in no time. This preschool program enhances each child’s problem-solving abilities. In addition, children experience hands-on learning in subjects like literacy, math, science, and social studies.

Parent Review:

“A top-notch experience start-to-finish. The teachers treat my son as their own and consistently go far more than the extra mile for the kids. The administration is highly engaged and very communicative. It really feels like an extension of our family and a great place to entrust your loved little ones too!” -Parent review via Facebook

La Petite Academy of Ankeny

La Petite Academy of Ankeny is a home away from home for your little ones. The caring administration and staff at La Petite go above and beyond to provide the best experience for each child. With the Learn as We Grow program, a stimulating classroom environment, and top-notch lesson plans, this school develops the self-help skills independent learners need.

Parent Review:

“Both of my girls have been going to La Petite for about a year now. I’m so thankful for the staff because with everything I’ve been going through they have made me feel very safe leaving them there. …I am just amazed [how much] my oldest has developed over the year. Holly, Madi, and Rachel have all been soooo amazing with my youngest. I love that they are both so eager to go to daycare. I’d recommend them to anybody looking for daycare.” -Parent review via Facebook

Loving Arms Children’s Center

This faith-based preschool teaches independence and builds the fundamentals of education. Three-year-old’s work on literacy, shapes, colors, science, and social skills at this preschool. In addition, Loving Arms focuses on teaching children independence by allowing them to pour their own drinks and plate their own meals. Kids also have daily “jobs” to instill a sense of independence and duty.

Parent Review:

“The administration is fantastic, very warm, friendly and knowledgeable. The teachers are very caring and have taught my kids a lot to prepare them for school!” -Parent review via Facebook

The Clubhouse Learning Center

We wrap up the list with The Clubhouse Learning Center. Voted one of the best preschools in Ankeny, this preschool believes that children learn through play. This facility’s experienced staff creates engaging activities to suit each child’s individual learning style and pace. The Clubhouse Learning Center provides the highest quality of childcare.

Parent Review:

“We LOVE the Clubhouse!! We have been over the moon with the care provided for our sweet girl, and the endless love she receives from the girls who work there [and] could not be happier!” -Parent review via Google

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Don’t hesitate! Your child’s education starts now. Choose any of these fantastic preschools in Johnston, IA and your child will be sure to thrive!