Top 5 Preschools in Irving, TX

Preschool is often a child’s first social experience outside of the tight-knit circle of friends and family. Therefore, a preschool should leave a good impression on children. They should learn social and emotional skills, gaining the confidence to succeed in elementary school. Moreover, preschools provide an environment for the tiny tots to explore, play, learn and grow around their peers. Keep your child in tip-top shape and enroll them in one of the top preschools in Irving, TX!

Best Preschools in Irving, TX for Your Child to Explore

Cadence Academy Preschool

First on our list is Cadence Academy Preschool. With its caring staff and challenging curriculum, this preschool is dedicated to creating well-rounded children. This Cadence location offers an original faith-based Christian childcare program that is dedicated to preparing children for a lifetime of success.

With Cadence’s Kind Child and Ascend curriculum, children can learn and apply concepts like social courtesy, literacy, mathematics, and physical fitness. Furthermore, small group settings enable one-on-one attention and allow each child to receive an individualized education.

To learn more about Cadence Academy Preschool, contact (972)-426-7060.

Parent Review:

This is the best daycare in town! We have been taking our grandson here for almost a year and he loves it! The staff is caring, loving, kind, funny, down to earth, and truly care about your comfort and your child’s education.” -Parent review via Facebook

Miss Bloomingdale’s Academy

Miss Bloomingdale’s Academy has a well-rounded lesson plan filled with fun and play! This school believes that high-quality early childhood education needs warm, loving teachers and a joyful environment. In addition, individualized care ensures children receive the attention they need. Miss Bloomingdale’s offers both full-day and half-day programs to accommodate different schedules as well. Make sure to check out Miss Bloomingdale’s Academy for your preschool needs.

Parent Review:

Everything about their school is what we hope for our kids to experience when being introduced to education. We are so lucky to have had this amazing academy to trust with our sweet not-so-little-anymore baby girl.” -Parent review via Great Schools

Childcare Network

Spark lightbulb moments at Childcare Network. This preschool offers amenities like USDA approved meals and snacks, as well as bilingual teachers and music classes. Between their accredited staff and interactive learning, your child will develop the building blocks for learning at a young age. This caring environment and awesome staff make Childcare Network one of our top preschools in Irving, TX.

Parent Review:

We have been at this daycare for almost 3 years. My little ones love all the teachers and staff. Thank you all for all you have done for my kids, you will truly be missed!” -Parent review via Facebook

Wonderland Montessori Academy of Las Colinas

Wonderland Montessori Academy has a different approach to education, focusing on hands-on sensory experiences for learning. Wonderland’s education program is made to work with child development, teaching children important lessons for their age groups. In addition to academic and social skills, Wonderland Montessori also encourages daily activities like cleaning, food preparation, and gardening. This preschool is truly dedicated to making a lifelong impact on your child.

Parent Review:

My 3-year-old son has been going to Wonderland since he was an infant. I can vouch for the great teachers and the management team. Their program and weekly activities are wonderful and my son thoroughly enjoys them. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Wonderland family during my son’s formative years.” -Parent review via Facebook

KnowledgeHub Learning & Daycare Center

With KnowledgeHub‘s custom-built facility and classrooms, toddlers thrive as they play and learn. KnowledgeHub creates interactive activities in subjects like math, science, and language. This preschool provides a loving and understanding environment where children can develop their social, physical, and intellectual skills. In the end, KnowledgeHub is one of our favorite preschools in Irving, TX.

Parent Review:

“We chose to place our sun at Knowledge Hub because we have heard so many great things about the program and staff from our family and friends. The staff is very knowledgeable, loving, and patient. Our son loves going to preschool every day.” -Parent review via KnowledgeHub website

Enroll Your Child in One of These Top-Notch Preschools!

In the end, Irving has many amazing options for great preschools. Get a head start on your child’s education and enroll them in one of these top preschools today. You won’t regret it!