Top 5 Preschools in Clive, IA

Preschool is an important time in any child’s life. There, they learn the basics that help them succeed in elementary and middle school. Therefore, as a parent, you no doubt want to ensure your child is receiving the best preschool education possible. It’s important that children not only learn but are safe and happy in the educational environment.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best preschools in Clive, IA that are sure to skyrocket your child’s education! Check out our top picks!

Give Your Youngster the Best Early Education With One of These Top Preschools in Clive, IA

1. Cadence Academy Preschool

Our number one preschool in Clive, IA is Cadence Academy Preschool. They believe that children learn best when they feel safe and secure and are genuinely excited to learn. Their unique ascend curriculum helps to develop children’s intellectual, social-emotional, and creative abilities. They engage children by introducing new skills in nine different subjects so your child can progress in their learning. Moreover, they work hard to involve parents and family in a strong partnership that ensures your child’s success and happiness.

Parent Review:

Our experience at Cadence has been great! The teachers have been super friendly and professional and truly care about the kids. Both of my children have excelled, both academically and socially, while at Cadence. The teachers and staff at Cadence are number one and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for daycare and preschool services. -Parent Review via Google

2. Le Petite Academy of Des Moines

Le Petite Academy of Des Moines strives to create a warm and welcoming environment for students and their families. They have a series of fun, interactive enrichment programs that allow children to explore a variety of interests and learn in the most progressive way possible. However, they also recognize that preschoolers need the right balance between freedom and instruction. This means that Le Petit works hard to foster independence, communication skills, as well as learning concepts in children.

Parent Review:

The best decision we made was putting our toddler into La Petite. She just adores the teachers and when I pick her up or drop her off they can always tell me about her day in detail. Absolutely love this preschool! -Parent Review via Google

3. Cottontail Creek Montessori School

Cottontail Creek Montessori School utilizes the famed Montessori curriculum to help your child pursue his or her natural talents. All of their teachers are accredited, Montessori educators, which means they are trained to encourage children to reach their potential in individualized ways. At Cottontail Creek, every child is a respected individual who learns in a non-competitive environment. Moreover, this school is in a calm, country setting, which gives it a unique culture perfect for you and your child.

Parent Review:

This is a great school! The teachers take a personal interest in each child ensuring they’re prepared for kindergarten. I would recommend Cottontail Creek to any parent looking for a hands-on learning curriculum! -Parent Review via Facebook

4. New Horizon Academy

New Horizon Academy has an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Their passionate teachers strive to pay attention to your child’s specific educational needs so they can grow and thrive. Furthermore, their preschool classrooms are built so your child can explore, investigate, discover, and be further prepared for elementary school. In the end, their goal is to develop social and emotional skills.

Parent Review:

Great school with a friendly environment [where] kids learn, have fun and build great relationships with each other. Teachers are great, dedicated to teaching with passion -Parent Review via Great Schools

5. Capitol Park Early Learning Center

Capitol Park Early Learning Center has a unique, hands-on classroom setting with learning centers where children can learn while having fun. Moreover, this school helps each child set reachable, individualized goals. This ensures a strong, individualized instruction that is sure to make your child succeed!

Parent Review:

“We always feel that the staff at Capitol Park really care about our children which makes it so much easier to leave them every morning. My baby and toddler are always excited when they see their teachers in the morning. The director has created a positive environment for kids to learn and thrive. Everyone has been very accommodating about any concerns or special circumstances that have come up. They say it takes a village and we are happy to have Capitol Park as part of ours.” -Parent Review via Google

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With so many amazing preschools in Clive, IA to choose from, your child is guaranteed success! So start their education off right and enroll them in one of these top preschools today!