Top 5 Preschools in Allen, TX

Children begin absorbing important knowledge and skills soon after they are born. Since the brain makes almost all of its connections before the age of 10, it is absolutely crucial to send them to a qualified, caring preschool for your child to thrive. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled the best preschools in Allen, TX in order to ensure your child’s success.

Expand their world today by enrolling them in one of the top preschools in Allen, TX.

Cadence Academy Preschool

We start this list with Cadence Academy Preschool due to its great facilities, caring staff, and rigorous curriculum. Children have the opportunity to learn at their own pace in this preschool’s family-friendly atmosphere and home-like environment. Cadence’s skill-based approach to learning ensures long term success for every child. Additionally, with their Ascend curriculum, your child will be prepared for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

This preschool uses engaging, interactive activities to teach your child skills like literacy, math, physical fitness, cultural understanding, and kindness. With a focus on both academic and social interactions, Cadence Academy is genuinely dedicated to making a lifelong impact inside and outside the classroom.

To contact an administrator or schedule a visit, please call 972-559-3876.

Parent Review:

My toddler has been coming to Cadence Academy since the beginning of November 2018, and I’m very happy with the outstanding level of care he has received. When he needed special accommodations due to a medication, they were wonderful with him and changed whatever we needed to make sure he was happy and safe. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and caring with the children, and I always feel confident knowing I made the best possible choice in school for my child.” -Parent Review via Yelp

Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center

Bright minds ignite at Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center. Eager learners will learn to develop their skills in reading, writing, science, math, and art. In addition, Kindergarten Prep’s staff ensures a nurturing environment to create a positive social experience for well-rounded individuals. This preschool’s NAEYC accredited program makes it a great choice for your child to tackle school!

Parent Review:

“We have found the school to be very diligent about ensuring children’s growth and development. The communication, attentive staff members, caring teachers make a huge difference in how the families and kids enjoy the school.” -Parent Review via Facebook

Kids Park Allen

Start the school year right with Kids Park Allen. A traditional preschool with a modern twist, this program focus on each child’s knowledge base, life skills, science, and math concepts. Kids Park also acknowledges the importance of art with enrichment sessions like Picasso and jazz. Lesson plans are geared towards all different learning styles and there is also an option for flexible schedules for parents. Kids Park Allen is one of the top preschools in Allen, TX.

Parent Review:

“This place is AWESOME! I stalked this place until opening day and my 3 yo has been going there since. The staff are nice and attentive to the kids and she always tells me what a great time she has. I like that it is small and more intimate and the price is GREAT!” -Parent Review via Google

Kids R Kids

Calling all tiny tots! Kids R Kids’ accredited preschool program is well-equipped for your child’s energy and thirst for learning. Their goal is to ensure that each kid receives an individualized and accelerated foundation to prepare them for success in elementary school. With their nutritious meals and safety precautions, Kids R Kids is the perfect preschool in Allen, TX. Contact Kids R Kids today for a step in the right direction.

Parent Review:

If you are looking for daycare or preschool in Allen then look no further because you won’t find a better experience and better value for childcare. The staff and ownership make it easy to know that my child is in great hands while in their care. I would (and have) highly recommended to friends in the area.” -Parent Review via Facebook

The Learning Experience

We finish the list with The Learning Experience in Allen. This preschool cultivates creative, compassionate, and eager minds through its proprietary curriculum. Their enrichment programs increase the six critical stages of early development, so children can learn, play, and grow. In addition, with daily lessons like manners, philanthropy, and soccer, all children will thrive at this preschool in Allen, TX.

Parent Review:

“We love TLE! We appreciate so many things about the school after looking at so many others. The safety is top notch, the menu is healthy, the teachers and staff are great, the owner is very hands on and listens, The curriculum is strong, and the tuition is good.” -Parent Review via Facebook

A great education begins now.

A good preschool will prepare your child for their future educational experience. Ensure your child is a student in one of the best preschools around and enroll him/her in any of these fantastic preschools today.